Vrsar, Istrien, offiziele Seite über Urlaubsangebote und Tourist Infos

Vrsar, Istrien, offiziele Seite
über Urlaubsangebote und Tourist Infos

Entdecken Sie Delikatessen Vrsars von 21. bis 28. September

Für die wahren Hedonisten und Liebhaber von autochthonen Spezialitäten und guten Weinen aus Istrien führt der Weg in diesem September nach Vrsar.


Ocean Lava triathlon, oct. 23.-25.2020.

Ocean Lava Planet has extended its wings with a new event in Croatia. Taking place in Istria, the peninsula situated in the north-west of the country, Ocean Lava Triathlon Vrsar-Croatia takes place on October 23-25, 2020.


Kulturhistorische Sehenswürdigkeiten in Vrsar

Der Name Vrsar (italienisch Orsera) ist sehr alt. In den mittelalerlichen italienichen Dokumenten findet man den Namen des Städchens in verschiedenen Variationen: wie z.B. Ursaria, Ursarium, Vrsarium, Orsaria…


A Rich Culinary Tradition

All fragrances and aromas blend in Vrsar to give a harmonious overture into the characteristic gastronomy of Istria. Sea food, grilled fish and meat delicacies that can be tasted in charming restaurants and authentic konobas (taverns) are just a small part of the rich gourmet experience offered by Vrsar.



In Vrsar werden viele Sportaktivitäten und Attraktionen angeboten: Tennis, Fußball, Volleyball, Basketball, Mini-Golf, Boccia, also alles, was das Sportlerherz begehrt!


Unterkunft suchen

Lim Bay Challenge Adventure Race

On the first day (Saturday) we are going with classic adventure race, which this year will mostly go through new areas compared to last year. Ultra category will be 60 kilometers long while the Light category will be shorter and adapted to recreational runners and will be 30 km long. Ultra category will start from a place in central Istria so the runners will be transported on the starting position by bus. Light category will start from resort Belvedere. Competitors in the race can expect a lot of challenges, in the Vrsar and Rovinj archipelago and the Lim Fjord and its hinterland, interesting city and mtb orientation, abseil and many other things.

On the second day (Sunday) for all trekking fans there is classic trekking that is part of Istrian Trekking Cup and consists of two categories: Challenger 25 km and Fun&Run 10 km.

Challenger category will start from a secret place in central Istria and Light category will start from resort Belvedere.
For this race the competitors will be able to experience the most interesting regions of the hinterland of Vrsar and Lim Bay. You can also participate in Family Run (2 members in team, child/parent) in a treasure hunt on 1km course.

We invite all lovers of adventure to cometo the resort Belvedere to feel and learn about the wonders of western Istria and its hinterlands.

More on web http://limbaychallenge.com/en/