Vrsar, Istria, official web site for tourist informations

Vrsar, Istria, official web site
for tourist information

Diving – The Mysterious Adriatic Depths

Istra is not only beautiful in its green, hilly interior and along its ever unfolding coast where the evergreen touches the Adriatic but in the sea world that surrounds it as well.


Historical heritage in Vrsar

The name Vrsar (Italian: Orsera) is very old. In Medieval Latin documents the name appeard in different variants: Ursaria, Ursarium, Vrsarium, Orsaria…


A Rich Culinary Tradition

All fragrances and aromas blend in Vrsar to give a harmonious overture into the characteristic gastronomy of Istria. Sea food, grilled fish and meat delicacies that can be tasted in charming restaurants and authentic konobas (taverns) are just a small part of the rich gourmet experience offered by Vrsar.



There are many sports and activities for you to choose – tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, even bowling and mini golf.


Natural Wonders

From the shores of the Adriatic to the lowlands and undulating hills in the hinterland, the natural wonders of Vrsar and its surroundings are the source of inspiration for every traveller desiring rest and relaxation.


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Caving – The Magic of the Istrian Underground

Istria is a region well known for its abundant underground world which will enchant everyone, where the play of nature has been creating countless underground sculptures for thousands of years. It is estimated that there are over a two thousand caves, pits and sinkholes hidden in the underground of the Istrian peninsula.

On a warm, or even on cold day, there is no greater enjoyment then to make a trip to one of the popular Istrian caves which will host you in their fascinating underground rooms featuring a uniform temperature all year round.

Find some time to learn about the Istrian underground scene and do not miss a visit to one of the show caves and sinkholes – the famous Pazin Pit  in the centre of Istria, the Feštinsko kraljevstvo Cave near Žminj, the Baredine Cave  near Poreč or, going further north, Mramornica Cave near Brtonigla.

You do not need to travel far to have a caving adventure – Vrsar has an asset on its own: the Romuald cave in the LimBay.

Baredine Cave is a unique geomorphological monument of nature featuring 5 rooms, with up to 33 m deep underground lakes. Various stalactites and stalagmites will remind you of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Our Lady or even a snowman. In this cave you will also have the opportunity to meet the cave-dwelling olm.

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Pazin Pit will impress you when visiting the Pazin Castle perched right on the sheer rock looming above this natural phenomena about which many a legend is told. Some say that through this pit Pazin is linked to the LimBay.

Romuald Cave is of particular interest as it has been proven that it was inhabited by man in the Early Stone Age. Its name comes from the Saint who lived in it for three years in prayer and meditation.

Mramornica Cave was discovered on an agritourism estate and is attractive for the biggest underground hall in Istria, almost as big as a football pitch. The Feštinsko kraljevstvo Cave, on the other hand, impresses with the beauty of the concretion forms.