Vrsar, Istria, official web site for tourist informations

Vrsar, Istria, official web site
for tourist information

15th Festival GITARISTRA “Sea & Guitars” 2017

The Sea and Guitars Music Festival is one of the summer trademarks of Vrsar. Guitar lovers know that- under the auspices of this, already traditional event, there is an exquisite concert every Thursday.


Natural Wonders

From the shores of the Adriatic to the lowlands and undulating hills in the hinterland, the natural wonders of Vrsar and its surroundings are the source of inspiration for every traveller desiring rest and relaxation.


Come to Vrsar without delay and enjoy the gentle spring sun

You don’t have to wait for the summer to arrive.
Come to Vrsar without delay and enjoy the gentle spring sun, the glinting crystal clear sea and the fragrances of spring.



There are many sports and activities for you to choose – tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, even bowling and mini golf.


Summer morning

Vrsar has stood on a prominent hill overlooking the Adriatic coast since the Middle Ages. This position has given birth to extraordinary positions from which one can observe the surrounding islands, islets, bays and coves.


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Parenzana Train

Live a unique experience through a ride on a Parenzana tourist train through tunnels and viaducts along the route of historical narrow railroad Parenzana. Apart from riding through Istrian landscape and visiting magnificent places of central Istria, you will be offered tastings of local dishes and beverages. “Veli Jože Tour” offers trips from Vižinada to Motovun and from Motovun to Vižinada. With a distinctive whistle of the conductor, you peek into history and relive the legend of Veli Jože.

The legend of Veli Jože takes place in a medieval town of Motovun, which panorama is one of more famous symbols of Istrian hinterland. Vižinada is a small town situated on the hill rising above the valley of the Mirna river. It offers one of the most beautiful views of the Green and Blue Istria.

Central excursion station is situated in Rakotule where there will be held a presentation of Istrian specialties. There you can hear the sounds of Istrian folk music and try authentic Istrian delicacies which will be prepared for all visitors at the station. The hosts will prepare several types of homemade bread which you can taste with the world best olive oil and enrich your palate with a glass of the finest wine and other local delicacies. Try the authentic Istrian soup from the hands of agritourism hosts which is prepared from the best Istrian Teran wine along with several other surprise ingredients in a ‘bukaleta’, a large Istrian earthenware jug. A special attraction certainly presents a small domestic animal zoo and a children’s playground. Learn more about the Istrian ox called “Boškarin”, the Istrian goat called ‘Istrijanka’ and a donkey. The offer also includes a number of authentic souvenirs.

If you would like to dive deeper into the eno – gastronomical magic which offers central Istria , we can organize for you to have lunch in Motovun, visit the agritourisms, experience a wine tasting by the famous Istrian winemakers from Vižinada and Motovun and a visit to lavender growers.

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