Vrsar, Istria, official web site for tourist informations

Vrsar, Istria, official web site
for tourist information

Diving – The Mysterious Adriatic Depths

Istra is not only beautiful in its green, hilly interior and along its ever unfolding coast where the evergreen touches the Adriatic but in the sea world that surrounds it as well.


Historical heritage in Vrsar

The name Vrsar (Italian: Orsera) is very old. In Medieval Latin documents the name appeard in different variants: Ursaria, Ursarium, Vrsarium, Orsaria…


A Rich Culinary Tradition

All fragrances and aromas blend in Vrsar to give a harmonious overture into the characteristic gastronomy of Istria. Sea food, grilled fish and meat delicacies that can be tasted in charming restaurants and authentic konobas (taverns) are just a small part of the rich gourmet experience offered by Vrsar.



There are many sports and activities for you to choose – tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, even bowling and mini golf.


Natural Wonders

From the shores of the Adriatic to the lowlands and undulating hills in the hinterland, the natural wonders of Vrsar and its surroundings are the source of inspiration for every traveller desiring rest and relaxation.


Accommodation Search

Tennis – The Appeal of the White Sport

Tennis courts have long been a constant facility provided by the camping sites and tourist resorts of Vrsar and the surrounding arae. Located next to the sea and pinewoods, with clay or hard surfaces, in summer they become a hub of lively activity among the guests and the locals desirous of recreation alike.

Among the blue lagoons and green pine trees of the Istrian west coast, this sport demanding strong individuals is gaining in its popularity and offers new spaces for leisure, competition and training.

Vrsar is a well-known host of tennis tournaments, and the recreational players coming from numerous European countries have for decades been acknowledging it as a destination of where you can succumb to the benefits of the white sport in a relaxed and free way. Whether you come with your friends or family, or you are part of a tennis team, the accommodation facilities of Vrsar   will satisfy all your needs.

The joyful days of your vacation on the Adriatic coast, in Vrsar, can be well-spent learning your first tennis steps. There is a daily possibility to hire the complete tennis equipment. Should you, however, wish to be lead by an expert hand, you can join one of the numerous tennis schools with excellent tennis teachers.

Mediterranean climate, a pleasant ambience and excellent accommodation are the guarantee of extra pleasure, which makes the sports offer of Vrsar perfect.