Vrsar, Istria, official web site for tourist informations

Vrsar, Istria, official web site
for tourist information

Limes Bike Tour, may 6th 2017.

This year’s recreational cycling event, Limes Bike Tour, offers two different itineraries (the Hobby trail 17 km and the Sport Trail 36 km) and is open to participants of all age groups.


Natural Wonders

From the shores of the Adriatic to the lowlands and undulating hills in the hinterland, the natural wonders of Vrsar and its surroundings are the source of inspiration for every traveller desiring rest and relaxation.


Come to Vrsar without delay and enjoy the gentle spring sun

You don’t have to wait for the summer to arrive.
Come to Vrsar without delay and enjoy the gentle spring sun, the glinting crystal clear sea and the fragrances of spring.



There are many sports and activities for you to choose – tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, even bowling and mini golf.


Summer morning

Vrsar has stood on a prominent hill overlooking the Adriatic coast since the Middle Ages. This position has given birth to extraordinary positions from which one can observe the surrounding islands, islets, bays and coves.


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Welcome to Vrsar

The time was slowly passing by and Vrsar, sunlit and bent over the seashore, was living its summers and winters in the same way. Peasants were growing red-greyish vines and silver green olive tress, while fishermen were catching various fish from the blue sea.

There where no tourist here. These sunny, good-natured beauties were waiting. Then awakening happened. The first tourist who had roamed to Vrsar from afar were enraptured by its romanticism, wild and gentle at the same time. When parting, they said to the sun and the sea :” We shall come again!” So they did. And brought their friends with. In this way Vrsar woke up. In this way its beauties were discovered. So the seasons of the sun and the sea have started. The seasons that still last.

To all of you, our dear unknown guests, we wish a pleasant stay under this ancient Istrian sun. Take a good rest and gather new strength for your everyday life. Give yourself up to the sun and the sea, to the green and silence, to purple dusk’s and nights full of stars and moonlight.

Enjoy the fascination and sweetness of this coast and take with you dazzling, unforgettable memories.