Vrsar, Istria, official web site for tourist informations

Vrsar, Istria, official web site
for tourist information

Discover Vrsar delicacies 21st to 28th september

True hedonists, gourmands and lovers of authentic Istrian delicacies and spirits this September should head to Vrsar.


“Historical fair below the Castle” this weekend

This weekend we invite you to the  “Historical Fair below the Castle”  On September 14th and 15th.


Ocean Lava triathlon, oct. 25.-27.2019.

Ocean Lava Planet has extended its wings with a new event in Croatia. Taking place in Istria, the peninsula situated in the north-west of the country, Ocean Lava Triathlon Vrsar-Croatia takes place on October 25-27, 2019.


Historical heritage in Vrsar

The name Vrsar (Italian: Orsera) is very old. In Medieval Latin documents the name appeard in different variants: Ursaria, Ursarium, Vrsarium, Orsaria…


A Rich Culinary Tradition

All fragrances and aromas blend in Vrsar to give a harmonious overture into the characteristic gastronomy of Istria. Sea food, grilled fish and meat delicacies that can be tasted in charming restaurants and authentic konobas (taverns) are just a small part of the rich gourmet experience offered by Vrsar.


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The Vrsar Promenades – A Walk with a View

Vrsar has one of the most beautiful networks of promenades in Istria. Particularly interesting are the seafront promenades, the popular lungomare, which follow the natural shaping of the coastline from Valkanela to Koversada, running through the Mediterranean vegetation of holm oak.

The seafront promenades will lead you through many of Vrsar’s milieus, starting from the luxurious marina, over the fishing harbour to the beaches at the foot of apartment complexes ending at Petalon Resort and the naturistic destination of Koversada.

The historic centre is crisscrossed with narrow and typical medieval streets, each of them opening into a new ambience: square, balcony, traditional architecture, narrowness or sea or town view. Some are paved in stone slabs, some come in the form of a stairway, they can be quite steep, reflecting the prominence of the position of the historic centre.

If one departs from the Vrsar Marina in a northerly direction, one cannot avoid the former quarry Montraker and the beaches offering a view of the islets scattered in front of Valkanela and Funtana. The promenade then leads to a part of the coastline historically known as in Fiabam. A section of the promenade follows the old road to Fuškulin, running from the Flaban Pond to the Church of St. Andrew.

Island promenades on the Island of Sveti Juraj (St. George), well-designed and maintained, they extend from the Church of St. George to the top of the island, from the Church of St. George to the southern edge of the island, but also along its entire coastline enjoying the spectacular panoramic views of the vastness of the Vrsar sea, but also a unique panorama of the historic centre, making this Island and its promenades a most inspiring place.