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Vrsar Serenades

Serenades are a traditional way of expressing love through romantic songs, usually accompanied by a guitar. While serenades used to be sung to loved women under a window or a balcony, today it is an acknowledged musical and artistic expression that enriches the romantic experience of Vrsar during summer. The Vrsar serenades take place at the viewpoints of Vrsar's historic center at sunset.

Season 2020. - Concert programme:

Russian Serenade, Grigory Novikov (Russia) & Saša Dejanović -guitar

Spanish Serenade, Paco Seco (Spain) & Saša Dejanović - guitar

Jazz Serenade, Jazz Serenade at the Džamonja`s Sculpture Park

Young Guitarist Serenade, Vrsar`s Young Musicians


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