Is there anything lovelier than sunbathing on a deck, while being anchored beneath the medieval town, admiring the shimmering blue Adriatic sea surrounding you?

Travelling on your own vessel and being on a yacht represents many people’s ideal holiday. Indeed, there is something enchanting about boats and ships – they invite you to a sea odyssey carrying the promise of a unique experience where the curiosity of an explorer and the lust for life unite.

Overlooking one of the most beautiful parts of the western coast of Istria, Vrsar is a balm to the sailor’s soul and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The waters of Vrsar comprise around 20 uninhabited islets, wooded bays and coves, and a marina near the town hill, a harmonious extension of the natural treasures of the Vrsar coast. Built at the beginning of the new millennium, the marina was several times proclaimed the best one on the eastern Adriatic coast.

Because of all the above- mentioned, Vrsar has developed into a real nautical destination and has become a favourite spot for amateur sailors, as well as a reliable base to explore the Istrian coast. Today, it plays an important role in nautical tourism facilities and is moving full steam ahead towards creating an image of one of the finest destinations for boat and ship guests.