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Homemade "pljukanci"

Homemade "pljukanci" with Istrian prosciutto and wild asparagus

According to the original recipe, "pljukanci" are made of flour, water and some salt. Add a pinch of salt to the flour, mix well and add the hot water until a compact dough is obtained. Tear the dough into small pieces and roll it in your floured palms to get a spindle shape. Cook the "pljukanci" in boiling salted water.

Pljukanci can be served with different sauces. 



- traditional recipe with Istrian prosciutto and wild asparagus
- with truffles
- with boškarin (Istrian ox) or chicken žgvacet (sauce)
- with fresh cabbage and bacon
- or find your own "pljukanci"i combination - there is no limit to culinary creation!