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Historical Fair Below the Castle

The event called Historical Fair Below the Castle is held in September in the old town of Vrsar, on the premises around the old town gate, on the squares and little streets heading to the church of Vrsar.


14 Sep24

Costumed guards in front of the town gate welcome the visitors and lead them to the square, which embodies the atmosphere of the times when the famous adventurer Giacomo Casanova visited Vrsar.

The fair stalls offer small meals, Istrian smoked ham, cheese, wine and homemade liqueurs, honey and honey products, traditional dry biscuits, candied almonds and sweet fritters, together with other indigenous products such as souvenirs made of stone and wood. 

The presenters, dressed in medieval costumes, present brief accounts of the history of Vrsar, particularly curiosities from the 1609 Vrsar Statute.

The Statute defined the rules of living in Vrsar at that time, such as regulations on: the way taverns worked, wine quality control, town gates opening and closing times, the control of foreigners entering the town, hygiene and municipal order etc.

Street entertainers and musicians contribute to the cheerful and pleasant ambiance of the event.

The organiser reserves the right to change the programme. In case of bad weather programs are subject to change without prior notice.