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ReBaCla music festival

In August, Vrsar hosts the music festival named REBACLA. The idea of the music festival REBACLA is to connect classical music, performed by top professionals, with a wide-spectrum audience and the magic of history and nature in Istria. The repertoire includes music by world-famous Renaissance and classical masters.

The ensemble will perform a concert on Degrassi Square in Vrsar on Friday, August 19.08. starting at 21.00 h.

On Saturday 20.08.  at 20:00 the concert will be held in the former query in Vrsar, i.e. on the stone plateau under the church of St. Martin, where the audience while enjoying the sunset and a wonderful view of the sea and islands, will have the opportunity to listen to the string quintet ORSARTA and maybe even dance to the tunes of dances from different periods such such as minuet, sarabande, tarantella, waltz and tango. 

The performers are Kasia Woynica - violin, Živa Ciglenečki - viola, Matjaž Porovne - violin, Lidija Cvitkovac - cello, Sandra Cvitkovac - double bass, Oriol Cruixent, harpsichord.

Organizer: Orsart Association with the cooperation of the Vrsar Municipality Tourist Board.



Friday 19.08. - 21:00 h (Degrassi square)

Saturday 20.08. - 20:00 h (Quarry)