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Vrsar Serenades - all dates in 2020 are postponed

Serenades are a traditional way of expressing love through romantic songs, usually accompanied by a guitar. While serenades used to be sung to loved women under a window or a balcony, today it is an acknowledged musical and artistic expression that enriches the tourist offer of Vrsar during summer.


01-31 Jan-Dec20

Season 2020. - Concert programme:

15.07. , 21.00h

Bepo&Tonina Viewpoint 

Russian Serenade

Grigory Novikov (Russia) & Saša Dejanović -guitar

22.07., 21.00h 

Casanova Viewpoint

Spanish Serenade 

Paco Seco (Spain) & Saša Dejanović - guitar

12.08., 21.00 h

Džamonja`s Sculpture Park 

Jazz Serenade

Jazz Serenade at the Džamonja`s Sculpture Park

26.08., 21.00 h

Casanova Viewpoint 

Young Guitarist Serenade

Vrsar`s Young Musicians