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Your big day in Vrsar

Istria and Vrsar as a wedding destination

Istria has definitely climbed on the throne as one of the top wedding destinations with the best wedding venues in Croatia you can find in these areas. Despite neighboring Rovinj and Poreč being bigger tourist centres, Vrsar is an ideal location for intimate micro weddings and elopements. When all the neighboring towns get too crowded in the peak season, this place keeps its relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Location and natural beauty

Where the sun kisses the hill, the sea bathes the green islets and the magnificent sunsets leave you in awe – the small fisherman town of Vrsar has settled down on the Istrian west coast. Its timeless charms include winding streets, many viewpoints and centuries-old stone houses. Just a couple of miles away you’ll find the amazing bay called Lim Bay which was declared a special sea reserve and important landscape. 

History and cultural heritage

It has been inhabited since ancient times and became an oddly urban village that grew into a glorious fortified town. Even the traces of the Old and the New Stone Age have been discovered here. Walking down the narrow streets in the old town you can find beautiful little squares and interesting colorful houses. The famous lover Giacomo Casanova allegedly visited Vrsar and its surroundings mentioning it in his memoirs. His adventures became the motif of the interactive Casanovatours and inspired the town’s people to build breathtaking viewpoints with monuments dedicated to couples. Of course, they named one of the lookouts after him. The mythical aura of love just spreads among the entire town.


Imagine enjoying one of the most specific gastronomies in Europe. Istria has been called the Croatian Tuscany due to its impeccable rich wines, olive oil, prosciutto and many more delicacies. Being a fisherman town, the smell of freshly grilled fish makes your mouth drool. In Vrsar you can also taste black and white truffles prepared in any possible way you can think of, best included in all pasta-related dishes. As gourmet souvenirs you can gift them to your guests.


Just try to picture yourself on the viewpoint taking your most heartful and sincere vows surrounded by your closest friends and family, or even just the two of you, overlooking the picturesque town and the spectacular archipelago while being soaked up in the sun for that perfect golden hour wedding photography. This is what makes Vrsar the perfect wedding destination.
Not only are spring and autumn great options, but also summer itself gives a handful of options because the place is still a hidden gem, so it doesn’t get super packed. It also makes it more cost-effective than the other more famous places along the Croatian coast.

A cozy romantic place, ready to give you steadiness and peacefulness for your special day, but also making you feel all the butterflies in your stomach towards the love of your life. It reminds you to fall head over heels over and over again to the person you are saying ‘I do’ to.

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