ADRILINK - Adriatic Landscape Interpretation Network

Project Summary

ADRION area is well-established tourism destination with intensive short summer season, but limited tourism in other parts of the year. However, potentials for developing all year tourism destinations are many and natural, cultural, historical heritage sites and local realities can play an important role: this is the main project challenge.

ADRILINK general objective is to promote Landscape Tourism in Adriatic Region through the creation of a network of Landscape Interpretation Centres, conceived as nodal points of selected thematic paths and routes, digitally connected through an ICT platform, ensuring the integrated management of tourist services, fostering innovative solutions. The project provides new models of sustainable tourism management aimed at reducing tourism seasonality through the valorization of natural and cultural landscapes as common assets that can be visited throughout the year.


By promoting activities for valorising European natural and cultural heritage as key layer of human well-being, the project contributes to strengthen the Adriatic Region Identity as unique touristic destination. It is conceived as a "Community-Based Project" where the community is the key actor in “thinking/rethinking” its own landscape, using different interpretative keys as history and arts, culture, crafts, paths and traditions, tipicality in order to rebuild its own past, understand the present and plan the future as well.


ADRILINK's main outputs are: (1) Establishment of Adriatic Network for Tourism on Landscape; (2) a Common Sustainable Strategy for Adriatic Landscape Destination System; (3) a System of new Adriatic itineraries and roots based on the interpretation of Landscape; (4)a Digital platform and app for Adriatic Tourism;(5 )10 LICs equipped with smart technologies applications and innovative ICT solutions;(6) Organization of “Landscape Days” as unique integrated circuit-event along the Adriatic Region. 




Municipality of Jesi, Environment Division Municipality of Jesi

Address: Piazza Indipendenza, 1 | 60035 – Jesi, ITALIA

Contact person: Ms. Barbara Calcagni,






Project Acronym:  ADRILINK

Programme Priority: 2) Sustainable Region

Specific objective: Promote the sustainable valorisation and preservation of natural and cultural heritage as growth assets in the Adriatic-Ionian area

Start – End Date: 2020-02-01 – 2022-07-31

Total budget: EUR 2,409,446.70

ERDF contribution: EUR 1,221,732.79

IPAII contribution: EUR 826,296.90

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